It’s Official: Posties Hate Kornheiser

From Jonathan Yardley:

    Ten years ago I was publicly sneered at by Kornheiser in the pages of this newspaper as “Johnny Yardley, a bookish fellow who writes slurpily about the O’s” (you can read it in ArkType), and though I managed to roll with that singularly weak punch it left me with sour feelings about our star sports columnist and bon mot artist. His attack on Paul Farhi’s balanced review, not to mention his ad hominem attack on Farhi himself, was mean and self-serving, but it certainly didn’t surprise me. Precisely why is it that the courtesies of collegiality that most of us on this newspaper manage to observe in public (no matter how we may feel about each other in private) doesn’t seem to apply to Kornheiser is a mystery to me. In any case I watched Monday Night Football with the sound off and thought it was just fine. That’s how I’ll continue to watch it.