It’s not Miller Time for Scheer

bobs.jpgRobert Scheer’s Opinion column in today’s LAT is sure to raise a ruckus in the usual quarters where ruckuses (ruckusi?) are raised. Therein, he excoriates Judith Miller for trusting her administration sources too much (not the first time we’ve heard this, I realize), and suggests that she could learn something– not from other journalists but from brave truth-seekers like movie star Tim Robbins. Robbins’s play Embedded/Live recieved critical adulation (Ed. note: as a helpful reader pointed out, it actually got a lot of scathing reviews) in LA and NYC, and is now playing on the Sundance Channel, and apparently Scheer’s a fan. (I thought it was kind of ‘on-the-nose,’ as they say.)

Tim Robbins, in tackling the pretenses of patriotism, has risen to a challenge that mainstream journalism has largely failed to meet. Robbins’ provocative play about the Bush administration’s handling of the Iraq war and the obsequiousness of an embedded press made its TV debut Sunday on the Sundance Channel.


The bottom line is that every aspect of practicing journalism involves a complex maze of ethical decisions. And, despite being one of the most powerful journalists in the nation, Miller horribly lost her journalistic way when it mattered to our democracy most. Too bad she couldn’t see “Embedded/Live” before she set out to report.

That’s right, America. Judith Miller failed us because she doesn’t go to enough pretentious off-Broadway theater.