It’s Newsweek‘s 82nd Birthday

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newsweek-1933Newsweek, the magazine that will never die, debuted 82 years ago today. The first issue — then known as “News-Week” — sold for 10 cents. Fancier folk could opt for a year-long subscription for $10 a pop.

Headlines from the 1933 issue included “Easing Burdens of Debt and Foreclosure,” “Roosevelt Seeks Governors’ Aid,” and our favorite, “HORSES: Young Girl Upsets Even Tenor of Jockey Club.”

After a brief stint as an all-digital entity, Newsweek was purchased by IBT Media, which then resurrected the print version in March 2014. The relaunch didn’t go so smoothly, but resurrections rarely do. Aside from the time that Jesus fella pulled off one hell of a caper, of course.

Happy birthday Newsweek, keep on keeping on.