“It’s good to be free.”

We bet.

Judy Miller is a free lady today, having been released from jail yesterday afternoon after twelve weeks in jail. Vice President Cheney’s Chief of Staff Lewis “Scooter” Libby phoned Miller last Monday to free her from her confidentiality pledge and Miller testified before the grand jury today.

More is sure to come, but some notable bits:

-NYT Publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. said the paper supported her decision to testify.
-Speaking of the NYT, they were scooped on their own story.
Arianna Huffington brings up a good point: “What Made Miller Refuse Libby’s Waiver When It Was First Offered But Accept It Now?” (The Washington Post takes a stab at answering that)
Statements by Sulzberger, Bill Keller, and Judith Miller on Her Release

More later…