It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like X.mas


It’s overcommercialized, overhyped and overdone (it’s also almost over, so just hang on). But Christmas might still mean something to the world if it could just shake its stale identity. Seriously, who picked green and red? If only someone could rebrand Christmas…

Pentagram was hired by Kurt Andersen to do exactly that, and you can hear all about the the x.mas proposal on this week’s Studio 360. Randy Kennedy also covers it for the NY Times.

Download the five different x.mas wrapping papers, designed by Luke Hayman, and peruse Pentagram’s presentation to jolly old Andersen (who admits he really loves him a little traditional Christmas). Additional x.mas credit goes to Paula Scher, who came up with the x.mas theme, Michael Gericke for proposing the international x.mas governing body, Lisa Strausfeld for nominating that it be named a domain extension, then there’s tree designer Abbott Miller, cone visionary Jim Biber, and Armin Vit and Michael Yi, who created the slot machine-like e-card . Because when it comes to x.mas, everyone’s a winner.