It’s a Snow Day

Today at 12:30, Tony Snow delivers his first solo televised White House press briefing (read about his first, not-so-successful off-camera gaggle here). We’ll be on the scene, with a report later today, but here are some other questions that we–and other White House reporters–are curious about going into the briefing:

  • Who in the front row will get the first question: Terry Hunt? Or Steve Holland? How far back in the room will he go for questions?

  • How long will it take for a reporter to quote from an old Snow speech/ radio program or editorial about Bush?

  • How many times will he say, “I’m still the new kid on the block, I don’t know….”?

  • How long will the NKOTB line work on David Gregory?

  • Or will he have the cojones to say, “You want to know what? I just effing know, that’s how.”

  • Will his tone sound like he’s reading from talking points? Or has his time as a media man made him a natural in front of the camera and behind the podium? Will he ever admit that he’s just falling back on his talking points?

  • Will Snow be a.) fortunate or b.) unfortunate enough to have breaking news break (a Karl Rove indictment?) during the briefing? (This much-anticipated briefing already got bumped from Monday thanks to Bush’s immigration speech)

  • Will Helen Thomas be there?

  • How many things will he have to “check on that”?

  • Will the press corps go easy on him today? Or test him?

  • Will his answers re: the potential Rove indictment differ at all from Scott McClellan’s? And if so, will that cause a political earthquake in the briefing room?