It’s A Black Friday For Politicker

Lots of bad news out of Jared Kushner’s Politicker websites today, we’ve learned.

(See a February 2008 New York Times profile of Politicker)

The drip, drip:

  • Politicker’s two DC staffers — Alex Isenstadt and Eric Pfeiffer — have been let go. Deputy Managing Editor Michael Grass (formerly of the Express, DCist) was also let go.

  • Word is that 70% of staffers are being let go.

  • Only five of Politicker’s state sites will remain — Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York.

  • The cause? Well, besides the crappy economy and the crappier journalism industry, Politicker is opting to focus on states that have a better chance of bringing in revenue down the road (many state sites didn’t have an ad sales team), and some state sites had dimmer prospects than others. Some staffers expressed a lack of confidence in the publication’s management and leadership, to us.

  • Most of the casualties are getting two weeks severance pay.

  • Remaining editors will get pay cuts.

  • To be fair, we should outline some of Politicker’s accomplishments. Among them: Politicker is a major player in some states, breaking news and driving the political news cycle on occasion. State-level political types love their work. “We did a lot
    with very little,” said one. “Too bad the economy sucks.”

  • Ben Breier, a web producer in Politicker’s New York office, was also let go, as was the other web producer, Karl Stampfl.

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