It Stopped Being Fun A Long Time Ago


Add another to the growing anti-brainstorming movement: “Cubicle Culture: How Brainstorming Works Best” by Jared Sandberg from the Wall Street Journal. Despite the fairly optimistic title, the article really focuses on the pointlessness of big group idea sessions. The wasted energy in putting together these things together, the inability for large groups to function in a manageable, meaningful way, etc. It’s all there. And once more, we love it. It’s certainly nothing new, we all hate meetings and don’t see the point in them, particularly when creative things are concerned, but because we’ve been seeing more and more of these pieces popping up here and there (and this was in the Journal, so maybe your boss or her/his boss saw it!), we’d like to imagine a future wherein the “Leave Them Alone” management style comes into fashion and groups no larger than a handful of people are involved in “brainstorming” activities. Can you imagine that, cube people? Read this sort-of-related bit of genius from Jason over at 37signals for more inspiration and visions of a future that could be: “Getting in Too-Much Touch (Interruption is Not Collaboration).”