‘It Looks Like Nothing But A Down Escalator For The Full-Time Newspaper Cartoonist’

Mike Keefe, the Pulitzer-winning cartoonist at the Denver Post, is taking a buyout.

The Post is likely not hiring a full-time replacement, reports the Washington Post’s Michael Cavna.

“I’m always saddened when we lose a voice in this field,” Boulder Camera political cartoonist John Sherffius, who’s leaving his paper for a career in graphic design, told Comic Riffs. “The business model for editorial cartooning is obviously changing, but I’m still optimistic that new voices will emerge and that the great tradition of our profession will continue.”

As for Keefe himself: “It looks like nothing but a down escalator for the classic full-time newspaper cartoonist. The digital realm is wide open and offers plenty of opportunities. Unfortunately, most don’t come with a pay check.“