Isobella Jade: Savvy Researching Skills Led her to Fishboy


We get the most fascinating mail. This from Isobella Jade, world’s best known short model sans portfolio:

I just wanted to share with you at Fishboy LA, that Fishboy NY has been covering my story about how I wrote my memoir at the Apple Store in SoHo, NY and the grit that has involved,—- and now that the memoir is available on Amazon and Borders I am now contacting newspapers and magazines in LA and nationally through self promotion and I thought of you.

As so many others have.

“So far some of my efforts during the past couple of week have lead to ink in Page Six, Yahoo and Advertising Age editorials,- it isn’t easy being your own publicist but someones got to do it!…..These exposures- which I was shocked and amazed at getting through my own self wit and savvy researching skills lead me to think of contacting you. As the Underdog, I wrote this book at the Apple store in an Unconventional fashion,- even though at the time I had a 4 college degree but I didn’t want the corporate world at the time, I just wanted to pursue my dream of trying to model….so I gave up my apartment, my belongings and lived out of 5 bags….and I was without a computer, (sleeping on friends couches and eating dollar menu) so that I could pursue being a model in an artistic fashion and I discovered the Apple store and started writting. Based on my height and the odds against me I figured it I gave up everything it would all work out.

And it did. And I wrote a book about it. And it is available now. It is about trying to be a model when you are not the standard height and without the standard sory of being discovered on a beach in Brazil. Instead I was a college student and just simply “Googled the word modeling one day when I was home for the summer between semesters in Syracuse, NY,” and the next 230 pages is how the Internet has helped and hurt me along the way of figuring out how to be a model,and the disrobing that took place in amatuer photographers basements, studios, rooftops and livingrooms—- Although six years later I just recently worked with Marshall’s shoe modeling and on their website now you can see my foot modeling a Guess patent leather stilletto. Also I have recently body doubled for Christina Ricci, fit modeled for Teen Vogue, been exposed on an Urge commercial on MTV, and hand modeled for Bon Appetite Magazine…so I guess the underdog does have a chance at being a model if she has the right mindset and can forgive her self for posing with amatuers naked and freezing.

I had a wonderful agent who had first woked as an editor at St. Martins for 15 years, but I decided that I wanted to self publish and have my book before I turned 25,….so I used Book Surge and now I am self publishing my modeling memoir called Almost 5’4″ which captures alot of the grittier times…my nude modeling experiences from 2001-2006 and it is a story that is full of ambition, and sort of a Seabiscuit of modeling with some raw language and a portrayal of how the girl next door can end up naked, entrapped and obsessioned with being a model through ways of the Internet.”

Jade also askes how tall we are. 5’10”, 6′ in heels.