Is you is or is you ain’t my AvantGuild member?

Grammar, like flossing, is one of those things that’s easy to slough off as nit-picky. That is, until you show up on a first date with spinach in your teeth.

Fortunately, tonight at 7 p.m., we bring you Gary North, the senior copy chief of Variety and Daily Variety. Gary will be teaching one of his well-known, always-sells-out grammar-thons at the Beverly Hills Bar Association, and if you work with words at all, you shouldn’t miss it.

Why? Because his seminar is not just ‘its’ vs. ‘it’s’; Gary will help you torpedo common misunderstandings about word usage and sentence structure. He’ll reveal how root out redundancies, crush jargon, and understand your audiences. In short, you’ll be a better writer for it. (And your copy desk might even speak of you in glowing terms – behind your back.)

Details at the mothership.