Is WABC Radio Misleading Listeners?

Before listeners hear Rush Limbaugh each afternoon on WABC, they are greeted by the booming sound of Johnny Donovan.

Each hour Donovan, a former Musicradio 77 WABC DJ, announces:

“Broadcasting from high atop the WABC broadcast center, overlooking Madison Square Garden in midtown Manhattan, this is New York City‘s most listened to talk radio host: Rush Limbaugh.”

The average listener might think Limbaugh is opening the mic at the WABC studios in New York. In reality, though, Limbaugh is 1,200 miles south in Florida.

“I wouldn’t dream of changing the original show open,” Laurie Cantillo, WABC program director, tells FishbowlNY. “The Rush open…is as much a part of the history of WABC as Johnny Donovan and Cousin Brucie.”

Limbaugh made headlines last year when he decided to sell his Fifth Avenue penthouse over the state’s stringent tax code.

At the time, he told his radio minions that his plan was to “get out New York totally.”

Cantillo says, “I assure you that Rush listeners know that Rush lives in West Palm Beach and why he left New York.”

Over the summer, Limbaugh made good on his promise, officially skipping town.

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