Is Tony Snow Getting Almost Too Comfortable In His Job?

During Saturday’s press gaggle, Mr. Everyone-Loves-Tony-Snow whipped out his latest tactic to smack down reporters:

    MR. SNOW: Are you smoking rope? (Laughter.)

The full exchange when you click below.

Q And is there going to be any sort of response to the Saddam trial tomorrow? Are you planning anything on that?

MR. SNOW: I don’t know. We’ll let you know if and when we have a response. I think the most important thing to note right now, even before, is that Iraq has an independent judiciary. We talking about an Iraq that can sustain, defend and govern itself, and you see — we’ve seen progress when it comes on the military side, not only the Iraqi security forces — this very important police operation today — but also an independent judiciary. These are things that are absolutely vital to building a democracy that will not only sustain itself, but have the faith and support of the populous. So that’s what I can say about it right now, in absence of any verdict. We’ll let you know tomorrow if we have anything to say.

Q The possible timing of this, just before the elections — some people might be skeptical of that?

MR. SNOW: Are you smoking rope? (Laughter.) Are you telling me that in Iraq, that they’re sitting around — (laughter) — I’m sorry, that the Iraqi judicial system is coming up with an October [sic} surprise?

Q November.

MR. SNOW: A November surprise? Man, that’s — wow.

Q Do you fear that there may be violence and that there may have to be some reaction to that?

MR. SNOW: I don’t want to get into discussions like that, because I’m not sure that that kind of speculation is fruitful.

Q Thanks, Tony.