Is This Lawmaker Breaking Unofficial Dress Code?

Lawmakers occasionally show up in jeans and sneakers on the House Floor, especially when it’s a last vote and they’re rushing to the airport. However, breaking out the “Casual Male” collection is generally frowned upon. The official rules state that overcoats and hats are strictly prohibited. Nothing on shoes. But even reporters can’t wear flip-flops in the Speaker’s Lobby.

Yeah, we’re totally aware that it’s not as if Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.) — pictured above — is wearing underwear on his head. But sneakers on a Wednesday live on C-SPAN at 10:19 a.m.?

Richmond has some explaining to do. We reached out to his flack, Monique Waters, on the matter. Asked if there was a specific reason Richmond dressed this way today, she replied, “No special reason. Sometimes he enjoys reminding us that he’s still relatively young!”

According to a longtime Capitol Hill aide, the phenomenon is not as weird as one might think, “especially for female lawmakers running back and forth to votes. It happens. Every once in awhile a member may be wearing jeans or be without a tie. Usually first or last day of a voting week because of travel. Also, when there’s an event at night, you might see a Senator or two in a tuxedo.”