Is There More TV In Sarah Palin’s Future?

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough mused it just may be a possibility that we’ll see Sarah Palin on Fox News. From the newly launched Mediaite, an excerpt from yesterday’s “Morning Joe”:

Scarborough: I do know this though: Roger Ailes is a smart guy. Roger Ailes understands that the conservative base loves her, and middle America loves her… Listen, I just read that they haven’t re-signed Greta. I know nothing, but you can connect some dots here. Let me ask you this: would Roger Ailes like her on at 10 o’clock at night?

Now we don’t know about that, but TVNewser reports tonight Fox News Seattle-based correspondent Dan Springer got the Governor’s first interview since this weekend’s news today in Alaska. The interview will air first tomorrow morning on America’s Newsroom at 9amET.

>>UPDATE: TVNewser updates us this morning- ABC’s Kate Snow, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell and CNN’s Drew Griffin all interviewed Palin on a fishing trip with her family. Those interviews aired this morning.

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>>AND MORE: Time‘s Jay Netwon-Small landed the only national print interview with Palin since the resignation announcement.