Is the iPhone the Next Big Social Gaming Platform?

Developers have been creating games and applications for the iPhone since version 2.0 of the software was released this summer along with the iPhone 3G. Considering the impressive hardware, the accelerometer, GPS capabilities, and a slew of other features, that is hardly surprising. The iPhone, for all intents and  purposes, has become a mobile computer + gaming console in which the controller is the phone itself.

The big question is whether the iPhone will be the next big social platform. More and more evidence seems to be pointing towards an emphatic “yes.”

1) Social Gaming Network has all ready produced two titles for the iPhone: iGolf and iBowl – both of which quickly became top downloaded applications.

2) Zynga, another major developer of social games for social networks, shows openings for iPhone developers on their jobs page.

3) There is also the anticipated launch of Facebook Connect for the iPhone, that will allow for mobile to PC social networking and true Facebook integration regardless of location. The integration of Facebook Connect will make implementing social features significantly easier for all would be developers.

So we say: yes, it’s looking that way!