Is the Daily Intel Influencing The New York Times?

Today’s New York Times headline email that pops up in our inbox at 5:30 a.m. every morning includes John Eligon’s article “Young, Black and Republican in New York, Blogging Against the Tide.” It’s a look at the life and times of Richard Ivory, founder of, and other young, black Republicans in the Barack Obama-led Democratic world.

Interestingly, the article “appeared in print on October 9, 2008, on page A35 of the New York edition,” meaning it could have been in yesterday’s email. Interesting. Clearly, the article had more traction then editors thought it would. One reason for that might be Jessica Pressler’s Daily Intel post “Young Black Republican Kind of Maybe Prefers Obama, Now That You Mention It.” It was the most-commented on story at yesterday.