Is Showtime Nervous About Debbie Does Dallas Reality Series?


The WoW Report announces, in a semi-sly way, that the long-awaited remake of Debbie Does Dallas, and the accompanying making-of reality series, Debbie Does Dallas…Again are finally ready.

Vivid’s hottest talents (one of those words is used ironically), Stefani Morgan, Monique Alexander, Sunny Leone, Cassidey, and Savanna Samson vie to become the next Debbie, with lots of “catty backstabbing and bitchy jealousness–topped off with a heapin’ hunk of hhhhot sex.”

But Showtime is a little nervous about the series, according to WoW:

In fact, this show is SO hot, the network airing it got cold feet when it came time to get the publicity machine fired up. That means we’re not allowed to tell you exactly where it’s going to air. But if you just remember that the SHOW TIME is 11pm on Friday, March 9th, you oughta be able to figure it out.

Vivid will release the film on Blu-ray and HD-DVD at the same time, despite Sony’s objections to publishing porn on their discs.