Is Politico Really Serious?

The GOP primary in South Carolina is next weekend and the latest polling data tells an interesting tale. Comedian Stephen Colbert is currently polling BETTER than Jon Huntsman in the Palmetto State and is barely behind Rick Perry and Ron Paul. Last night, Colbert handed control of his super PAC to Jon Stewart and declared, “I am proud to announce that I am forming an exploratory committee to lay the groundwork for my possible candidacy for president of the United States of America of South Carolina.” Watch the video of the announcement and the transferal of power. It’s a spot on parody of how the election laws in this country are screwed up. And it’s exactly that: A parody. But, don’t tell that to Politico, who blasted out a BREAKING NEWS alert to it’s email subscribers last night about Colbert’s announcement. One might wonder how they got such a scoop. One reason might be that Politico’s own Mike Allen was on set with Colbert to talk about the host’s chances of winning the GOP primary in South Carolina. Well, that’s PART of what Allen talks about. He starts out by patting himself and Politico on the back about the great work they do. While it’s an obvious coup for Politico and Allen that he landed a spot on the show, our thesaurus is starting to get quite the workout as we continue to find words other than “awkward” to describe Allen’s media appearances. Let’s just say it was… clumsy. For reasons we cannot even begin to understand, Allen attempts humor. He tries a few jokes that fall flat including one about Newt Gingrich‘s humility. There is silence for several seconds before the crowd gets the joke. Comedy isn’t for everyone. Next time Allen does TV, he’d be smart to leave the jokes at home and focus on what he does best: Promoting the new Politico eBook, The Right Fights Back! Oh, don’t worry. He manages to wedge that into the interview, too. See the cringe-inducing video below.