Is Past Behavior a Predictor of Future Actions? If So, Some Android Vendors Will Leave You in the Upgrade Cold Again This Year

Computerworld’s JR Raphael should get some kind of medal or, at least, a gold sticker for his research efforts in this article.

Android upgrades: Which manufacturers can you trust?

He sorted through the Android models sold last year by six major manufacturers (HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Dell, LG, and Sony) and figured out how many models by each firm received an upgrade to Froyo (Android OS 2.2) in 2010. The gory details?

Dell, LG, and Sony did not provide a Froyo update to any of their Android phones. HTC was the clear leader: It provided Froyo to 50% of its Android phones. Motorola and Samsung lagged far behind with 15.4% fo 11.1% of their respective models upgraded.

I don’t know if past behavior by these firms are a reliable indicator of their behavior in 2011. But, JR’s findings do provide much food for thought.