Is John Schwartz Acting Like a Baby?

We feel the need to put a rattle in this post because that epitomizes NYT reporter John Schwartz — rattled by a post we did about something dumb he wrote on Twitter that wound up on Newsbusters. To recap what happened, Schwartz wrote a pretty nasty tweet involving the wedding of the son of a Newsbusters‘ writer. Sure, Schwartz apologized, and we all say, do and write dumb things sometimes. But naturally Newsbusters covered it anyhow.

To be sure, children of reporters are largely kept out of mocking, sarcastic Twitter battles.

But clearly not always.

Ultimately Newsbusters‘ Noel Sheppard said he forgave Schwartz and instructed readers to move on. How fast was everyone else supposed to move on? Well, apparently in Schwartz’s opinion, at the speed of light would be nice.

On the evening of the day FBDC wrote a story on it, Schwartz sent FishbowlDC an email. And then he followed up with another.

From Schwartz to FBDC. Subject line: might want to update

Hi, Justin–

You don’t seem to have updated, but Noel Sheppard went to the post to say this is no big deal, and asked the readers to move on.

John Schwartz

In response:

“Hey John, it’s updated.”

Three days later, Schwartz wrote FBDC again:

Thanks–since you ask in the update why the MRC post was worth writing, you might ask yourself why your own post was worth writing, or why it wasn’t worth trying to get in touch with someone you plan to call stupid in a post.

Memo to Scwhartz: FishbowlDC, in covering the back and forth, determined that your tweet was “stupid” and therefore we used the word in our headline, “NYT Reporter Stupidly Stirs the Pot,” because we happen to think insulting a reporter’s son in the process of trying to knock Sheppard was lame. You might ask yourself why the sky isn’t pink all the time, or you might not, we don’t really care what you ask yourself. We felt no need to get on the horn and ask if you thought it was stupid, too. But hey, for the sake of we-don’t-know-what let’s try it. Imaginary conversation: Hey Schwartz, it’s FishbowlDC here. You think it was stupid what you wrote about Sheppard’s son? You: No, I really don’t. But I’m smart so I quickly, publicly regretted it. And well, yeah, I do actually really regret it. Us: Well we think it’s stupid so we’re going to put the word “stupid” in the headline. How do you feel about that? You: Not good. I’m smart a lot of the time. The fact is, we didn’t need a comment from you to write our post and therefore didn’t request it. When we need your input, don’t worry, we’ll ask.