Is Instagram Dangerous for Kids?

A petition that explains the dangers of using Instagram for 13-17 year old users has collected 95% of the signatures needed to send a message to Instagram about protecting the privacy of minors.

A petition that explains the dangers of using Instagram for 13-17 year old users has collected 95% of the signatures needed to send a message to Instagram about protecting the privacy of minors.

This petition asks Facebook to change Instagram’s default settings for privacy and geolocation for young users.

Readers know that Facebook loves to pull more and more data into its platform. Not surprisingly, this goal is reflected in Facebook’s default settings for Instagram users – including those of our kids.

We can help Facebook stay vigilant on privacy by signing a petition that calls attention to how their “frictionless sharing” philosophy could have unintended consequences for minors.

Privacy Risks of Instagram

Images that kids upload to Instagram are public and geotagged by default – meaning a child predator can generate a Google map of where kids spend their time.

Even if you are proactive – changing your kids’ Instagram settings to private and disable geolocation – there are still dangers:

  • If your kids’ friends haven’t changed their default settings, the photos they upload which include your child still have the same danger of someone mapping out your child’s activities.
  • When your child upgrades their phone’s operating system software, Instagram’s settings that you previously set at private or geo-location disabled revert to public and geo-location enabled. Petition’s Solution

Facebook should make default settings private and disable geotagging for minors. This basic precaution will protect the identity of kids using the platform, the petition says.

Here is the whole petition:

Instagram (Facebook): Make default settings PRIVATE and geolocation DISABLED for 13-17 year olds.

Petition by: Kristin Geiser, Mary Hofstedt, & Robin Connell
Privacy as Default for Minors
United States


Protect our kids! Make default settings private and disable geotagging for 13-17 year olds.


Unbelievable. That was my first thought when I clicked on the Instagram site belonging to one of my daughter’s friends and found more than a dozen pictures, some of which included my daughter, that were “public” – meaning that anyone in the world could view them at any time. Not only that, but the images were “geotagged” – associating each photograph with the exact location where it was taken. As a stranger to this site, I found my daughter’s picture, her full name, school name, grade level, and then, with one click on the map icon, I was able to view the exact location of her school, our home, and her primary after school location. All without our knowledge or permission. This absolutely should not be happening – especially not for minors.


Currently, Instagram accounts default to “public,” meaning that all photos are able to be viewed by anyone in the world at any time – and that they will show up in various internet searches (e.g., Google images). Geotagging, or identifying the exact location where a photograph was taken, appears to be optional, but it’s often “clicked” by mistake by young users – or activated unknowingly by young users who upload photos to their Instagram site that already carry geolocation data.


The result is that the public can view the exact location where a child’s photos were taken, usually clustering at the child’s home, school, and primary after school location (e.g., specific soccer field), which means that the child’s daily path or routine is easily identified and mapped. If the child’s account is private and geo tagged, photos are easily captured in a screen shot, then the geo tag follows the picture and is now associated with the image wherever it is pasted/posted (e.g., public accounts). This not only places the user at tremendous risk, but it places the children who are in the images OR even linked to the user at risk also – and they have absolutely no control over this.