Is Elvis entering someone’s building?

mitchell.jpgSince his departure from the Times last May, no one’s quite sure where to find Elvis Mitchell these days, unless you want to travel North, park the car in Harvard Yard (literally), walk up the steps and take one of his film classes there. But since all the chatter has died down in recent months, we figured we’d re-start it:

Elvis, where’d you go? Are you still talking to Sony Pictures about becoming the co-head of their office here in our fair city? Or are the other studios – like Fox – still whispering the same siren songs? To quote Tom Lehrer: “Are you sad? Are you cross? Are you gathering moss?” Are you co-writing more screenplays with Ron Shelton? Tell us, please. Or, if you’re a “close friend” of Elvis’s, give us a jingle and let us know. Because it’s quiet out there. Too quiet.