Is Bedard Vying for Examiner Job?

A moth to a flame. Flies to shit. Heidi to Spencer. Current TV’s Keith Olbermann attraction to the Boybanders. Politico and NJ in-fighting. The Salahis and a party to which they weren’t invited. Mosquitoes in swampy Washington. Some things are drawn to one another and nothing will get in the way. So it is with U.S. News & World Report‘s “Washington Whispers” columnist Paul Bedard and his obvious and unwavering affection for the Washington Examiner.

Last night was no exception: “Give it up for the Wash Examiner. It was a pretty big move to co-host as they move to be a political player,” he wrote on Twitter as he watched the GOP debate from Ames Iowa sponsored by Fox News and the Washington Examiner.

So we asked. If they offered him a job, would he take it?

Bedard didn’t answer the question precisely, but he did say this: “I like upstarts who challenge the big boys. Said nice things about Wash Times too as they’ve fought back, that’s all. Got bunches of friends at each paper. Heck, somebody’s got to offset all those listservs u find. We’re doing pretty good here. Word is our two-week-old app for iPad is kicking ass, giving our digital magazine version of the old magazine a great new life.”