Is Bally’s Going Out Of Business Or Just Out of Toilet Paper?

balllysfitness.jpgHollywood always wants to look good, but these days they may not smell so good.

Bally’s Fitness in Hollywood and the Los Angeles southland, in keeping with the rest of the struggling country, is cutting back on gym services and janitorial help almost to the point of a single janitor handling entire clubs, Bally’s sources tell FBLA.

Complaints are coming from customers over elements like toilet paper and clean towels.

One source who works as a manager at one of the clubs (who was afraid to reveal his name) said the company cut back janitorial cleaning help and cut back on gym employees across the board. No reasons were given by Bally’s Corporate for the layoffs.

The club, with corporare headquarters in Chicago, would not return repeated phone calls for a response.