Is Apple Killing Off Safari for Windows?

Apple rolled out the latest version of OSX today, and along with Mountain Lion Apple fanbois also got a new and improved version of the Safari web browser. Safari 6.0 promises to be faster and offer smarter searches, and so on.

But the most important detail about Safari 6.0 is that there is no Windows app.

Apple being Apple, it wasn’t long before several Apple blogs noticed the absence and started speculating. Windows app; Apple may have stopped developing it entirely.The older version is still available as a direct download, and it does have it’s own support page, but Apple has stopped trying to get anyone to download it.  The download link isn’t visible on Apple’s website, either, and that’s why the current working theory is that Apple hasn’t simply delayed releasing the new

Right now I’m sure you’re wondering why this matters. TBH, it doesn’t. Not very many people used Safari on Windows; heck, not very many people use it at all, so there isn’t much to be lost here.

But I do find it interesting that Apple would put such work into an app and then very quietly drop it. This is probably an indication of its relative lack of success.