Is an iPhone 4 Camera Good Enough for a Magazine Photo Shoot?

Photo courtesy of Peter Belanger

Is the iPhone 4’s camera good enough for a photo shoot for a magazine cover? Professional photographer Peter Belanger set out to answer this question. He useed an iPhone 4 to photograph an iPhone 4 for the cover of the September 2010 issue of Macworld magazine.

Macworld iPhone 4 cover (Notes from the Studio blog)

A little talent helps with the photo shoot. But, it turns out that a lot of photographic gear is a must based on the photos on Peter’s website. One of his setup photos is reproduced above. While I’m nowhere near Mr. Belanger’s talent level and have none of the setup gear seen in his photo, I’ve been using my iPhone 4 to shoot a number of product photos and video demos myself.

Although the iPhone 4 has some severe white balance issues under indoor lighting conditions, it still provides a convenient way to make photos suitable for blog illustrations.