Is A Facebook Newsroom On The Way?

There has been talk for years about the possibility of Facebook entering the news gathering and distribution game in a big way, given its size and the number of links posted to it every day.

So today’s news that Facebook has purchased a number of Facebook Newsroom-themed URLs shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Over at AllFacebook, they have full details:

The social network registered three domain names based on the phrase Facebook Newsroom.

Fusible reported that the social network registered,, and

The most obvious URL,, was scooped up by a Kansas resident last year, according to Fusible.

The term “Facebook Newsroom” is somewhat ambiguous.

It could be a reference to a division of Facebook geared toward content creation, or it could be a term for creating a Reddit-like service that could make use of the thousands of links that are posted to Facebook every day.

We do know that Facebook is happy to work with news organizations and journalism companies, since Facebook hired Vadim Lavrusik as Journalist Program Manager.

I’m very curious to see what comes of these Facebook Newsroom URL purchases, if anything.

If the idea is well-executed, then Facebook could become one of the world leaders in news and link distribution almost over-night.

What do you think? Should Facebook consider moving into this area of news distribution, if that is indeed their plan?