Irony Abounds When it Comes to Plagiarism

Oh, Matt Haber! The unintentional (we assume) folly of it all! Over at the Observer‘s Media Mob blog, contributor Matt Haber wrote an item called “The Liars’ Club: An Incomplete History of Untruths and Consequences.” It’s a rundown of previous journalistic offenders, in light of the Nick Sylvester spew over at the Village Voice.

Sounds interesting to us, too. But we have to say, it was more interesting when the dear old Black Table (which I used to edit) did the story back in 2003. The list is a little different, but the gist is the same. And it was called “The Disgraced Journalist’s Club” back then. And it included a couple historians, too. But why quibble?

Glad you liked the idea, Matt!

UPDATE: Tom Scocca and Matt Haber both sent apologetic emails and added a link to the Black Table story. Just as we thought, they had no idea. Honesty rules!