Irish Man Fined For Threatening Official On Facebook

Don't post a threatening message about a member of Northern Ireland's Parliament on Facebook or risk a fine and jail sentence.

Note to self: Don’t post a threatening message on Facebook to a member of Parliament or risk a 500 pound fine and jail sentence.

That’s the lesson learned from Darryl O’Donnell, a 31-year old chef from the Northern Ireland city of Derry, who posted on Facebook that Parliamentary Member Gregory Campbell should get a “bullet in the head.” Yikes!

What set O’Donnell off?

According to the BBC, Campbell’s comments last year regarding the Saville Report on Sunday Bloody Sunday, a 1972 event where British soldiers shot 30 unarmed protestors in Derry.

According to the judge, while O’Donnell was entitled to state his opinion, he draws the line at comments that are menacing and offensive.

For his part, Mr. Campbell added that making menacing comments using traditional communication tools is as wrong as making comments through new media.

Finally, we all can learn from the judge’s advice to O’Donnell: Next time, O’Donnell should “engage his brain.”

O’Donnell was able to avoid jail and receive a suspended sentence because he just landed a new job.

Do you think the outcome of this case was fair?