Columnist Takes SoCal Dailies to Task for Iraq War 10th Anniversary Coverage

Veteran journalist Frank Gormlie offers a long, hard look today in the San Diego Free Press at how well U-T San Diego and the LA Times marked the March 19 tenth anniversary of the Iraq War. Specifically, whether the publications clearly highlighted the lies upon which President George W. Bush and Dick Cheney’s offensive was founded.

He gives both papers very poor marks. In the LAT’s case, he notes that while the op eds “Iraq War: Lessons Learned?” (March 17) and “The What-if’s of Iraq” (March 19) were better than anything in the U-T, the paper’s coverage still woefully and scandalously skirted around the fact that the American public was deliberately lied to. From Gormlie’s piece:

It was almost expected that the U-T would glorify the war, talk up the tribulations of our very own soldiers and marines and tell us how much we benefited in dollars because of the war. But the LA Times?

Why no grandiose editorial? It spread many more words on anticipating the new pope than it did in preparing us for any new lies or government sleighs of hand when it comes to war. Its retrospective focused on the current scene in Iraq, not on the decade-old series of lies and the grand design of deceit planned out by the Bush administration. Nothing in either paper on how the American people were manipulated with false claims to spill the blood of our children and the guts of so many Iraqis.

Gormlie does not include the Orange County Register in his analysis. But from what we quickly gleaned, he probably would have been disappointed by that paper’s coverage as well. Read the full San Diego Free Press piece here.

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