iPhone Virtual Musical Instrument Genre Spreading to Windows Mobile

Images courtesy of Backstage at MED

The iPhone virtual musical instrument category is the app category whose emergence surprised me and amused me the most (in a most positive sense) since iPhone apps became available less than a year ago. Smule’s Ocarina is probably one of the best known apps in this category (there are many good ones).

As a long time Windows Mobile user, I was happy to read this note over on Microsoft’s Backstage at the MED blog…

Omniano The Band for Windows Mobile

…that points out a free virtual musical instrument app for Windows Mobile touchscreen phones from a South Korean developer…

omniano The band 1.1.2

If you scroll down the blog entry a bit, you’ll find the english translation of the blog post.

The app can play piano, flute and drum sounds (very cool!). There’s a video demo available. But, I suspect interest is so high that it is overwhelming the server it is on. I was only able to see/here a few seconds of the demo at a time before it started buffering.

I’m glad at least one Windows Mobile developer took a look at what is going on in the iPhone app space and brought it over the the Windows Mobile platform. Let’s hope others do the same.

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