iPhone Still Biggest Advertising Target

Android has made big gains since 2009

Despite major shifts in the smartphone market since 2009, the iPhone has managed to hold strong as the single biggest target for mobile advertising, according to quarterly studies from Millennial Media, the latest of which is being released today.

While Apple has stayed in the top spot, the studies show that the rest of the mobile market has been far from steady—and that smartphones have successfully taken over. While Millennial’s 2009 top 20 list, which ranks devices based on the number of ad impressions delivered to each, was mostly made up of feature phones, the latest list is comprised entirely of smartphones.

Not surprisingly, says AllThingsD, Google’s Android has experienced the most growth among operating systems. More than two-thirds of top advertising targets are Android phones, whereas there was only one Android model on the 2009 list—the T-Mobile G1. More unexpectedly, in light of Research in Motion’s recent troubles, the company’s BlackBerry Curve is still the second biggest deliverer of ad impressions, right behind the iPhone.

As for manufacturers, Apple has shown strong growth, now making up more than 30 percent of all ad impressions, up from just 11 percent in 2009. Samsung, which was the top ranked manufacturer in 2009 with 21.6 percent of ad impressions, fell to second place behind Apple with nearly 15 percent. The No. 3 spot is held by RIM at just under 12 percent of ads. In 2009, it was ranked fifth with about 10 percent.