iPhone & iPod (iPad 3) Launches Synchronized in 2011? 3 Reasons Why This Makes Sense for Apple

Apple announced the schedule for its annual World Wide Developers Conference today.
Apple Worldwide Developers Conference to Kick Off June 6 at Moscone West in San Francisco
It will run from June 6 to June 11 and be held in San Francisco (as usual). The $1600 per attendee event has sold out quickly in recent years (about a week last year). The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple is interpreting Apple’s OS X (Lion) and iOS focus combined with information from his sources to
No iPhone, iPad or Mac hardware coming at WWDC
This would be disappointing from the desktop Mac point of view since the all-in-one iMac needs a hardware refresh. However, moving the release of the next iPhone from the usual (for the past 4 years) June/July time-frame to, say, September makes sense for Apple for the following reasons.
1. The CDMA iPhone 4 became available to Verizon customers just last month (Feb. 2011). A new iPhone 5 in June, less than 6 months later, would be sure to annoy more than a few Verizon customers.
2. The iPod line, including the iPod touch, has traditionally been refreshed in the Fall time frame. This would bring the release of the iOS based iPhone and iPod touch in synchrony for the first time.
3. There’s been speculation that Apple would release an a 3rd iPad model, perhaps with a 7 or 8 inch display, later this year. Releasing it in the Fall with other iOS devices would distance it from the March iPad 2 launch.And, it would provide an all-new line-up for the 2011 holiday buying season.