iPhone 5 Rumored To Be Like iPad

Rumors of an iPhone 5 are going around again. The latest come from a leak of iPhone 5 covers which were listed Alibaba.com this weekend.

PC World has more: “More evidence that the iPhone 5 will have an edge-to-edge screen has emerged over the weekend in the form of a case manufactured by Chinese firm Kulcase. According to MacNN, which found the case listed on Alibaba.com, the listing describes it as a ‘crystal case for Apple iPhone 5g.’ It’s also apparently moving the flash away from the camera lens and switching the screen shape to the same ratio as the iPad — so pay attention, app developers.”

Supposedly the new phone is coming in September 2011, which would be more than a year since the iPhone 4 launched.

What features would you like to see added or removed from the iPhone?

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