iPad Passed Android for Web Browing: My Predictions for 2011

Anyone who has used an iPad to browse the web knows that it provides a good experience. It renders web pages quickly and most conventional websites renders correctly without needing to resort to redirecting you to a special mobile friendly page. Android’s web browser on phone is quite good too. In fact, I prefer Android’s web browser to the iPhone’s browser for looking at websites. The iPad’s larger display (compared to any phone) provides a better browsing experience despite the Android’s great browser. So, I don’t think anyone was surprised by ZDNet’s report of Net Applications browser share findings for the March through June period.
iPad blasts past Android in usage share
You can see my graphical version of the browser share report in the line chart above. And, yes, that Y-axis does reflect that this web share is a tiny fraction of 1% (0.14% for Android & 0.17% for iPad in June). But, don’t let these tiny fractional percentages fool you. There is a definite growth trend. Although, you shouldn’t extrapolate from just four points of data (for each platform), I created a simple-minded trendline that ignores a lot of factors like the emergence of Android tablets and a probable new iPad emerging next spring. You can see my graphical extrapolations below.

My gut feeling is that these trendlines are huge underestimages. My prediction is that the iPad, large screen Android phones, and near future Android tablets will account for 6 to 10% of web browsing share by next summer.