iPad More Popular Than Kindle: Experian Hitwise

What is the Kindle’s biggest competitor? Experian Hitwise, argues that it is the iPad. The company, which has been tracking Internet searches for both devices since they launch, says that while the iPad is still more popular, the gap is narrowing between the two.

The Experian blog has more: “Around this time last year when the Kindle 3 was launched, there were four times as many searches for iPads as there were for Kindles. Looking at the latest search data iPad is still the more popular product but the gap has narrowed between the two.”

The above graphic shows the more current data that Hitwise has shared on searches for both the iPad and the Kindle. The Hitwise blog explains it in more detail: “Looking at all the searches for iPad and Kindle for the 12 weeks ending 30 July 2011, 65% of people searched exclusively for iPad, 27% searched exclusively for Kindle and 8% of people searched for both iPad and Kindle.”

The site will continue to look at both throughout the holiday season.

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