How To Watch the Apple Announcement Live Today

Apple is usually quite picky about who they invite to their press events. For all of us who want to hear about the latest Apple products, there is a second option.

Apple quietly decided this morning that today’s press even will be broadcast live to Apple TV. Not very many people own these set top boxes, but the ones who do will be in for a treat.

They’ll be among the first people at home to see the iPad Mini or whatever else Apple reveals to the world. And those of us who don’t own an Apple TV can watch the event on the Apple website, though I do expect it to be a less enjoyable experience due to the smaller screens.

There have been hints this past weekend that Apple will also release a new version of iBooks. This blogger believes that the updated app will include complete support for the Epub3 ebook format. If true then this would make iBooks the first app or ereader to completely support the format.

In any case, I expect many of us will be glued to our computers when 10 a.m. Pacific rolls around.