Richard Rushfield Metes Out More Movie Theater Justice

We’ve all been there. Some shmo’ or gal Friday starts texting away on a cell phone in a movie theater, distracting from the entertainment on the big screen.

It’s a recurring topic of conversation at Richard Rushfield’s blog, added to this week with a recounting of what we’re going to dub “the High Noon maneuver.” As Rushfield was being subjected to some iPhone glints, he hit upon a brilliant – and we do mean brilliant – techno-riposte:

Not saying a word, I turned my iPad on, opened the browser to a white screen and positioned it on my lap pointed directly at my neighbor’s face and away from mine. Thus, I was able to continue to enjoy (or not) the movie – with the screen pointed away from me – ignoring him while he glared at me in outrage and waved his hands around in protest.

Finally as he seemed about to make a stink, it dawned on him that he was not in a position to complain about people having their screens open during the movie. I saw him visibly deflate and put his phone back in his pocket. Without a word, I then turned my iPad off and put it away… Not as satisfying as getting him thrown out or having his thumbs cut off, but very effective and made the point!

Perhaps the only Apple move left for Rushfield after Monday night’s preview screening is the barking of some mock, murderous Siri queries. For the moment, he owns the award for best-ever re-purposing of a blank Web page.

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