iPad 3 Coming in March?

The iPad rumors never stop, but every so often the serial numbers are filed off old rumors so they can be reused. One Apple obsessed Japanese tech blog is reporting that all the rumored fall release dates are wrong, becuase Apple’s next killer tablet won’t be coming out until March 2012.

While this rumor has no more real evidence behind it than any of the others, it is the most likely to come true. Apple has picked released the previous iPads early in the year, so a March release date would make sense.

The new iPad is rumored to be the same size as the current model but there’s no word on whether it will have the higher resolution screen that some have been anticipating. It’s also supposed to have a new dock connector. This part is the least likely to be true; the iPad has always used the same 30 pin dock connecter as the one on the iPod Touch and earlier iPods.  Switching now would confuse customers and potentially result in damage to iPads when users tried to plug in the wrong cable.