iPad 2 Torn Apart by iFixit: No Surprises, Difficult for DIYers to Repair

Were you one of the, perhaps, hundreds of thousands of people who stood in long lines to buy an iPad 2 on Friday afternoon? I did as did, it appears, iFixit. The difference is that my iPad 2 is still in one piece.

iPad 2 Wi-Fi Teardown

So, what did iFixit find?

– HD 720p rear facing camera. Based on the video recording I created, this appears to be true. The recorded video is 1280×720 pixels. However, still photographs recorded using this camera results in an image that is 960×720. This difference may be to preserve the rectangular dimensions people expect to see in photos. Or, it might be that the video uses interpolation to achieve its 1280 pixel width. I do not know which of these two theories is correct.

– The iPad 2 front panel is attached to the body by glue instead of clips. This will make DIY repairs more difficult.

– The gyroscope, new to the iPad 2, is an AGD8 2103.

– A battery pack with three Lithium Ion battery cells provide its 10 hour battery life (3.8V 25 Watt-hour)

– Unlike the MacBook Air and iPhone 4, the iPad 2 has standard Phillips screws intsead of the pentalobe ones.

The use of standard screws is the only DIY friendly aspect of the iPad 2 based on what iFixit reports. They give it a 4 out of 10 repairability score (10 indicates the easiest to repair).