Introducing the New Social Times Team… Say Hi And Tell Us What To Improve!

NeilAtSDS (Custom)You know, we’ve been so busy lately we just haven’t been able to say Hello! to all of you reading this, friends of Social Times. It’s important to us that we introduce ourselves to you, and also hear more about who you are, but we’ve been swamped with assembling a new team, covering new areas of social media and planning for how we can better analyze the space. So finally, I thought I’d write a bit to let you know about who writes for the site, what we’re trying to do, and also invite you to do a quick survey where you can tell us how to do things better. You can also leave your suggestions in the comments, of course 🙂

First of all, Social Times was founded by Nick O’Neill in 2008, with the goal of reporting on the ever increasing world of social networks. Nick was already running the very popular blog and wanted to have a place to cover the implications of other social networks, like MySpace and Google Orkut.   He started Social Times and the traffic immediately started to grow. The site continued to grow, and Social Times and AllFacebook were acquired by Web Media Brands last year. That’s when I joined the team.

I came into social games and social media by starting a successful social applications company in Toronto and then parlaying that experience into a Social Games and Platform Producer role with Electronic Arts Los Angeles. Over the course of three years of working on my own businesses and working on ahead-of-their-time products with the formerly largest gaming company in the world, I discovered that I had a true passion for social technologies. Social media and social gaming transform the way people have fun together, and the way they do business. I had a goal to really understand the stories in the industry, and when I heard Nick had his blogs acquired, I immediately offered my services to join him as the Managing Editor of Social Times. He accepted.

I have known Nick for a while, and wanted to help him grow the Social Times site with a goal of building a team of experts in the various fields of social games, web video, social media marketing, social music and more. With that goal in mind, we’ve been able to join up with a roster of fantastic writers, who are all as enthused about the implications of social media as we are. We try to cover the stories of the people and businesses behind the products we use every day. There’s a lot of excitement and passion in this industry right now, and our goal is to bring that to you.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring and introducing our stable of writers. I’m extremely proud of the team we have together, and there’s nothing better than the sense of camaraderie that has developed on the team in the last few months. Our writers are already extremely passionate about their subjects, and with that passion and the resources that we’re able to provide, they’re quickly becoming experts in their fields. It’s great to see and I look forward to hearing them introduce themselves.

That’s our little spiel, and to celebrate our first formal introduction, we put together a survey asking you to do the talking. We want to know what you think about what we’re doing right, what we should do better and what we could do to help entertain and educate you. Please take our survey here, or let us know in the comments below about your thoughts!