Introducing Chumby: Will People Surf the Internet on a Beanbag?

(Chumby Industries).bmp

Create a product named the “Chumby,” brand it with a cobalt octupus (“Chumbilina“), and encase the whole thing in Italian leather, and well, you’ve got our attention. And did we mention it’s got an LCD touchscreen and the ability to play a customized stream of Internet content? Officially launched yesterday by San Diego-based Chumby Industries, the Chumby is a compact consumer Internet device that is about the size of a coffee cup. But unlike a coffee cup, it can be plugged into an electrical outlet; then it finds an available Wi-Fi connection and streams Internet channels from the free Chumby Network, which has already signed up content partners such as CBS, MTV Networks, and MySpace.

Retailing for $179.95, the device also boasts embedded squeeze and motion sensors, which may help if it gets knocked down, to get up again, ’cause you ain’t never gonna keep it down. Oh wait, that’s Chumbawamba, who the Chumby people should really nail down for a promo. It might be easier than wrangling a live octupus, not to mention painting it blue. Think we’re joking? Check out the below video, entitled simply, “Octopus vs. Man.”