Introducing a guest FishbowlLA editor: Tom Ford

vftf.jpgAs I mentioned a few days ago, I’m sick this week, which is why I haven’t discussed the Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue. In my present condition, it’s just too heavy for me to lift, so I haven’t been able to read it. I have, however, closely examined the cover, which, as you’ve probably heard and/or seen, features a clothed Tom Ford nuzzling the ear of a naked Keira Knightley while Scarlett Johansson lies naked on the floor, wondering if she should have taken Rachel McAdams’ cue and walked out of the shoot. (It should be noted, though, that technically, Johansson may not be naked: check out the stocking around her foot.)

Apparently there are a number of naked women inside the magazine, often juxtaposed with clothed men. And of course, this is nothing new. From a think-piece in today’s LAT:

The idea of naked women provocatively juxtaposed against fully clothed men is not a new one, not by a long stretch. Anyone who has ever passed through an art history survey class knows that Edouard Manet shocked the public sensibility with his depiction of a nude woman picnicking with two fully clothed men in “Dejeuner sur l’herbe.” And that was back in 1863.

For a magazine celebrating Hollywood, the combination of the dressed male and the naked heterosexual woman is merely a metaphor for how things are, have always been and will probably always be.

I don’t know. Nudity. Feh. Anyway, Tom will be guest-editing the blog next week– he’s really a nice person once he feels comfortable with you– and Claude and I are drawing the line at tasteful lingerie. We’ll see if the line holds.