Interview: Tinyview CEO Raj Lalwani on the future of mobile shopping

More shoppers are using their cell phones while they visit brick-and-mortar stores and Tinyview is keen to take advantage of their attention. Launched last summer, the store shopping app already has partnerships with Abercrombie & Fitch, Forever 21, and even online retailers like Amazon.

Fresh off a new revamp, Tinyview co-founder and CEO Raj Lalwani talked with Inside Social Commerce about why shoppers are going mobile, how social is changing shopping and what 2013 holds for his company.

Inside Social Commerce: What’s going on with mobile vs. online shopping?

Raj Lalwani, Co-founder and CEO, Tinyview: What’s happening is a lot of people are doing research on their mobile phone. It is always with them, so they are using it when they’re hanging out with their kids, waiting to be seated for lunch or when a friend tells them to look something up while they’re out. They are used a lot for research.

But the checkout process is so difficult, they go to the desktop and buy things from there. I think this is a temporary thing; the industry will figure it out.

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