Innovative AT&T Web Series a Big Hit with Asian Americans

The key takeaway from Meg JamesLA Times article about a successful campaign created for AT&T by Long Beach firm InterTrend Communications comes four paragraphs down:

“The subculture is actually becoming the mass culture,” explained Julia Huang, InterTrend’s founder and chief executive. “The people who are watching Web series … are actually leading the way of how media is consumed and how the culture is shaped.”

InterTrend was hired to connect AT&T with a demographic that has been found to watch twice as many Web videos as any other ethnic American group. The result was the English-language Away We Happened, an interactive YouTube soap opera that has racked up more than 10 million views. The drama focuses on a young couple played by Sacramento actor Victor Kim and Internet personality Jen Frmheadtotoe.

Expanding upon a crowd-sourced writing method pioneered over Japanese social media, InterTrend worked with Pasadena’s Wong Fu Productions to take suggested plot points from the public via Twitter and Facebook. James also shares the great story of how Huang launched her very successful firm. Read the LAT article here.