Interns Who Sued Admit to Challenges Landing Full-Time Jobs

Diana Wang sued Hearst, parent company of Harper’s Bazaar, for an unpaid internship but now, per a piece on CNN Money, she’s selling granola in Columbus, Ohio.

Wang admits to challenges in landing full-time employment in the big apple. Whenever potential employees Google her, they see that lawsuit. Although she says in the piece it’ll “be worth it in the end” and she doesn’t have any regrets in suing, there’s a tarnished record online.

She states in the piece, “I knew from the beginning that it could be really ugly for me….I must seem like a happy lawsuit type of person…without knowing me, I can see why they would write me off.”

The stigma of coming forward is real. Too real. Many people are reluctant to come forward out of concern for future employment prospects.

Molly Socha, former intern at The New Yorker, is one of them. She explains in the piece, “How do publications then trust you from then on to be a quality reporter or writer? I think that would stop anybody, absolutely.”