Interns For Sale, $135 Each

Crispin Porter & Bogusky is auctioning off its interns.

Err…we’re pretty sure it’s illegal to sell humans on eBay, but that’s not what CP&B is doing. Instead, it’s offering a package of its 40 summer interns’ services to the highest bidder, Ad Age reports.

The auction‘s already hit $5400, which is a nice bonus for the minimum-wage interns, and nice for CP&B.

Winning bidder gets a “creative presentation” consisting of strategies, brand positioning recommendations and concepts—no finished advertising materials.

One eBay user, MusicMonkey34, asked this question: “Hey CPB- If i win the auction, can i BE one of your summer interns? or does tampering with the product void the warranty?”

Guess journos aren’t the only desperate ones out there.