Internet Rising

Maybe it’s because we were at the E&P conference, and so are very sensitive to Internet stuff, but three things jumped out at us this morning on NPR that, when taken together, show a little tipping point:

  • In a Morning Edition story about Barbaro, the poor horsey that broke its leg at the Preakness, Steve Haskin, senior correspondent for The Blood-Horse magazine notes how traffic to his publication’s website has tripled and all the comments on the website before talking about newspapers or TV coverage. He could have pontificated about anything.
  • On the same show, in a story about choral music for major motion pictures, NPR interviews an eerie-voiced singer and completely ignores the music’s composer, Hans Zimmer — except for at the very end when they say you can go to their website for a full interview with him. (Maybe it’s this one they aired Sunday?
  • And we think we saw that Time magazine’s Matt Cooper, he of multiple scoops and Valerie Plame fame, has moved over to as political correspondent. But it really jumped out at us when we heard it on air. You can hear him this morning on the Brian Lehrer show.