Date Officially Set for International Herald Tribune Rebranding

The Twitter account @IHTComms let the cat out of the bag last week. But today, it was officially confirmed by publisher Stephen Dunbar-Johnson in a letter to International Herald Tribune readers: October 15 is the day the paper will be rechristened as the International New York Times.

There’s no revised nickname yet, like “The Not So Gray Lady,” but that will surely come. From Johnson’s missive:

“On October 14, we will publish a 24-page special report looking back at important news stories from our illustrious 125-year history, featuring reprinted archive pages and a multimedia timeline.”

“On the first day of the International New York Times, high-profile writers will address questions regarding forces shaping the world in years to come.”

It was in 1967 that the paper was renamed the International Herald Tribune. Prior to that, the publication was known as the Paris or European edition of the New York Herald.